BEEG members

From left: Kai Lindström, Titti Bohlin, Karin Kjernsmo, Alexandra Balogh, Sami Merilaita, Tamás Kopcsányi, Sohel Shakwat, Jennifer Blyth

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The Laboratory of Aquatic Pathobiology

From top left: Hans-Peter Fagerholm, Tom Wiklund, Krister Sundell, Levente Bacsó, Eva Högfors-Rönnholm, Tove Johansson, Maija Liisa Hoffrén, Mikaela Sundqvist

The Laboratory of Aquatic Pathobiology is an integrated part of the Department of Biosciences, Åbo Akademi University. The research of the Laboratory is presently focused on the following subjects:

  • reproduction disturbances and diseases in wild fish, with special emphasis on the Baltic Sea
  • infectious diseases in wild and farmed fish in brackish and fresh water
  • parasitic diseases in domestic and wild animals.

The Laboratory staff schedules regular teaching for students on fish diseases and related subjects. Students are offered good opportunities for laboratory practice and for studies aiming at MSc and PhD thesis.

Here's a link to The Laboratory of Aquatic Pathobiology's own homepage at Åbo Akademi