Dr Alexandra Balogh

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E-mail: Alexandra.Balogh(at)abo.fi

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Environmental and Marine Biology

Åbo Akademi University

Artillerigatan 6

FI-20520 ÅBO


Room: -, Biocity, 2nd floor

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Research Approach

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List of publications

  • Gamberale-Stille, G., Balogh, A.C.V., Tullberg, B.S. & Leimar, O. 2011. Feature saltation and the evolution of mimicry. Evolution 66, 807-817.

  • Balogh, A.C.V., Gamberale-Stille, G., Tullberg, B.S. & Leimar, O. 2010. Feature theory and the two-step hypothesis of Müllerian mimicry evolution. Evolution 64, 810-822.

  • Bergvall, U.A. & Balogh, A.C.V. 2009. Consummatory simultaneous positive and negative contrast in fallow deer: Implications for selectivity. Mammalian Biology 74, 236-239.

  • Ruxton, G.D., Franks, D.W., Balogh, A.C.V. & Leimar, O. 2008. Evolutionary implications of the form of predator generalization for aposematic signals and mimicry in prey. Evolution 62-11, 2931-2921.

  • Balogh, A.C.V., Gamberale-Stille, G. & Leimar, O. 2008. Learning and the mimicry spectrum: from quasi-Bates to super-Müller. Anim. Behav. 76, 1591-1599.

  • Balogh, A.C.V. & Leimar, O. 2005. Müllerian mimicry: an examination of Fisher’s theory of gradual evolutionary change. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B. 272, 2269-2275.