Dr Jennifer Blyth

Contact details

Phone.: +358-2-215 3421

Fax: +358-2-251 7013

E-mail: jennifer.blyth@abo.fi

Postal address:

Environmental and Marine Biology

Åbo Akademi University

Artillerigatan 6

FI-20520 ÅBO


Room 2052, Biocity, floor 2

Research Interests

My main research interests focus on understanding the processes involved in the evolution of mating systems; in particular, sexual selection and sexual conflict. Mating interactions are often characterised by conflict rather than cooperation between the sexes, providing a potent mechanism for driving the evolution of mating systems.

Research Approach

I use a range of different approaches to investigate mating system evolution, such as behavioural and genetic experiments in the lab and fieldwork. Most of my research so far has centred on insects and fish. The species I am currently using as model systems are the least killifish (Heterandria formosa) and seaweed (kelp) flies (the Coelopidae). Other organisms I have worked with include fruit flies (Drosophila) and convict cichlids (Archocentrus nigrofasciatus).

List of publications

  • Jennifer E Blyth & Andre S Gilburn 2011: The function of female behaviours adopted during pre-mating struggles in the seaweed fly, Coelopa frigida Animal Behaviour 81:77-82

  • Jennifer E Blyth, Daniel Lachaise & Michael G Ritchie 2008; Divergence in Multiple Courtship Song Traits between Drosophila santomea and D. yakuba Ethology 114:728-736

  • D A Edward, J E Blyth, R McKee, A S Gilburn 2007: Change in the distribution of a member of the strand line community: the seaweed fly (Diptera : Coelopidae) Ecological Entomology 32:741-746

  • Jennifer E Blyth & Andre S Gilburn 2006: Extreme promiscuity in a mating system dominated by sexual conflict Journal of Insect Behaviour 19:447-455

  • Jennifer E Blyth 2006: Sexual Conflict and Cryptic Female Mate Choice in the Coelopidae. 265 pages, PhD Thesis, University of Leicester, UK

  • Jennifer E Blyth & Andre S Gilburn 2005: The effect of an inversion system and the time interval between matings on postcopulatory sexual selection in the seaweed fly, Coelopa frigida. Heredity 95:174-178