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The 3rd Flavobacterium conference was held 5-7.6.2012 in the city of Turku, Finland. The meeting was hosted by the Laboratory of Aquatic Pathobiology, Åbo Akademi University and located at the Arken Campus. The meeting was as successful as the previous ones arranged in 2007 in Sheperdstown, WV, USA and in 2009 in Paris, France.

The aim of the conference was to bring together researchers, experts and students from academic institutions, aquaculture and pharmaceutical industry working with members of the genus Flavobacterium in a broad sense. There were sessions devoted to the fish pathogens, but also to the important members of Flavobacteria acting as degraders in the environment.

The next Flavobacterium meeting will be held in Auburn, Alabama, USA, in the fall 2014. This meeting will be hosted by Dr. Cova Arias, Auburn University.

Looking forward to seeing you in Auburn in 2014

  Tom Wiklund
  Chairman of the organizing committee for Flavobacterium 2012

Photos: Kuvakasvot Oy

The meeting will take place in Arken, Turku, Finland
Tom Wiklund; Flavo2012, chairman
Tel: +358 2 2154301
E-mail: flavo2012(at)abo.fi

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