3 Wegematic 1000

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3.6 Memories

Here, as in many history projects, some of the key persons had passed away and with them valuable first hand information. This is true for many of the initiators like K.V. Laurikainen, B. Stenvik and R. Räisänen. The younger people that were involved were contacted and they have contributed with their memories from the Wegematic 1000 time. Many complained that very little written material had survived and that memories had faded. Below is references in alphabetical order to memories of some key persons that worked with Wegematic 1000

Alfons Ahlnäs, the hardware maintainer.

Clas Grägg, one of the first involved.

Ove Holmström, the first employee at the Computing Center.

Robi Lindblad, Master Thesis using Wegematic 1000.

Aarni Perko, Wegematic 1000 guru from TY.

Aimo Törn, PhD Thesis using Wegematic 1000.