3 Wegematic 1000 Memories

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Ove Holmström

Mirja Friman, Bror Stenvik, Tellervo Åberg, Ove Holmström (Picture Ove Holmström)

I was the first employee at the Computing Center, 15.5.1960 - 15.2.1964. Also my wife Anneli Holmström was later employed, 1.11.1961 - 30.6.1962, and was in charge for the financial records and money transactions.

My first task was to learn to program the computer and to write a Programming Manual in Finnish. When the computer was installed I tested each of the commands in the Programming Manual one by one. In the beginning of 1961 I was involved in teaching Wegematic programming both to university users and others. I was also in charge for selling computer time to non-university parties. In this I also made programs for the companies Lounais-Suomen Sähkö (The Electricity Company of South-West Finland), Suomen Säilyke (Finnish Canned Food Company); Lounais-Suomen Osuusteurastamo (The Shared Slaugterhouse of South-West Finland), and also for the Technical Department of the Town of Turku.