2 Turku Joins the Computer Era

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3.5 Operating Wegematic 1000

When the program was ready to run, i.e., when the tapes with program and data had been prepared, time was reserved for testing and running the program. Well at the site the program paper tape was read, the data tape was attached to the reader and the start of execution was given at the operation table.

If the result for test data differed from the expected the reason for this was to be found. Normally some error was found based on the output and then a patch was designed. This meant that the tape had to altered to conform with the altered program. This was done by cutting the paper tape and taping in the corrections using cello tape designed for this purpose. The paper tape had small feeding holes and therefore in cutting and taping a small devise for synchronizing the feed holes was used. For small corrections, these could be made directly in the work channels by using the console.

As a last resort in finding errors the one step mode of operating Wegenatic 1000 was used. In this mode it was possible to trace the evolution of the computation command by command, showing where the computation departed from the expected course.

Operating board of Wegematic 1000
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