Graduate students

Name Abstract of Research
Nitin Agrawal+
Yashwanth Ashok*Biochemical and Biophysical studies on Adenosine A2A receptor and its interacting proteins.
Zoltán Bicskei+Databases and signal analysis as bioinformatical tools for molecular level multidimensional data-analysis for biological and biomedical research
Eva Bligt-Lindén*Molecular interactions of cell adhesion receptors with their ligands in health and disease
Alexandre Borrel+
Leonor Fernandes Lopes de Carvalho*
Bhanupratap Singh Chouhan*Conservation of the human integrin-type β-propeller domain in bacteria and the role of divalent cations in integrin structure and function
Annika Ciragan*Structural and functional studies of proteins involved in the biosynthesis of the cell wall and cell-shape determination of Gram-positive bacteria
Käthe Dahlström+
Hariharan Dandapani+
Polytimi Dimitriou*
Kingsley Mokube Ekumi+
Oskar Engberg*
Maria Ermakova+Structure and function of flavodiiron proteins in N2-fixing cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. PCC 7120
Bartosz Gabryelczyk+Directed evolution for biomimetic materials
Thadee Grocholski+Structural enzymology of athracyclin biosynthesis
Mathias Grunér*Molecular understanding of the structure / function relations of hydrophobins
Cecilia Hagert*Macrophage regulation of inflammation through reactive oxidative species
Mikko Huhtala+Molecular modeling of virus-receptor interactions
Martina Jokel+Insights into the function of the flavodiiron proteins FlvA and FlvB in the green algae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and primitive land plants
Sini Junttila+The application of functional genomics for the holistic understanding of lichen eco-physiology
Olli Kalliolinna+Nuclear interactions and dynamics of parvoviral nonstructural proteins
Matti Kjellberg+Glycolipid transfer protein
Tiia Koho+Structural and functional studies on recombinant and genetically engineered virus-like particles
Piia Kokkonen*Design of Sirtuin Regulators
Inkeri Kontro+
Kari Kopra*Functional tools for small GTPase investigation
Kati Korhonen*Mechanistic studies on the human Ero1α and Ero1β, disulphide-generating oxidases of the Ero1 family
Sanna Kreula+Mechanisms for metabolic homeostasis - Regulation of NADP(H)-metabolism in prokaryotes
Katri Kurppa+Functional nanostructures
Essi Laajala+
Soili Lehtonen*Engineering novel avidin scaffold based binding proteins for small ligands
Hannu Leino+
Kean-Jin Lim+Application of comparative plant transcriptomics to model systematic plant genome evolution
Heidi Luoto*Membrane pyrophosphatases
Max Lönnfors*How do lipids create order and lateral structure in bilayer membranes
Suvi Manner*
Kornelia Mikula*Studies of structure, interactions and folding mechanism of trimeric autotransporter adhesins
Elina Mäntylä+Parvovirus induced effects on nuclear envelope
Arafath Kaja Najumudeen*
Dina Navia-Paldanius+Development of activity-assays for the orphan GPR55-receptor and determination of metabolic pathways for its endogenous ligands
Tarmo Nuutinen+Structural and functional studies on p12 and p17 - two small subunits of dna polymerase epsilon (pol-epsilon)
Juha J. Ollila+Gene expression in B cells
Lotta von Ossowski+Stargazin family proteins and their interaction with AMPA-selective glutamate receptors
Elina Palonen+Development of bioinformatics analysis tools for oligonucleotide-based microarray analysis in search for novel Quorum Sensing molecules in industrially important fermenting fungi
Pekka Patrikainen*Molecular basis for the diversity of angucycline antibiotics
Mikko Purmonen+Molecular Dynamics of Xylanases and Fab-fragments
Mohammed Mubinur Rahman+Structure and function of fimbrial polyadhesin proteins
Vipin Ranga*
Virve Rauhamäki+Structural and functional studies of the cbb3-type cytochrome c oxidase from Rhodobacter sphaeroides
Shahid Rehan+Functional and structural characterization of human equilibtrative nucleoside transporters
Katja Rosti+Structure, folding and function of neuronal leucine rich repeat proteins
Maria Salmela*Structural and Cellular Biology of α2β1 integrin-Echovirus 1 interaction
Jonne Seppälä+Structural and interaction studies on the C-terminal domains of filamin A
Miiko Sokka+Functional and structural studies of human DNA damage response protein TopBP1 and its binding partners
Michal Stepniewski*Computational methods for the analysis of membrane protein structure of function
Vigneswhari Subramanian+
Helena Taberman*Structure-function studies on carbohydrate modifying enzymes potential for plant biomass conversion routes
Gabriel Ndipagbornchi Teku+Computational modeling of dynamic protein interaction networks of human immune system
Ainoleena Turku+Theoretical analysis of OX1 and OX2 orexin receptors and their interaction with activating and inhibiting molecules
Matti Turtola*Catalytic mechanism and functional specialization of RNA polymerase
Anni Vehmas+Integration of translational datasets for the discovery of endometriosis biomarkers
Harikanth Venkannagari+Mono-ADP-ribosyltransferases of the human ARTD family as potential drug targets
Tuomas Venäläinen+Computational studies of nuclear receptor activation
Elina Välimäki*Activation of innate immunity by pathogens and endogenous danger signals
Gloria Wissel+Computational design of modulators acting on the human efflux transporters MDR1, MRP2 and BCRP
Zhang Yue Zhou+Computational approaches to develop anti-Leishmanial compounds
  + supported from other sources
* supported by graduate school (OPM)

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