Mathias Grunér

VTT Biotechnology, Aalto University
Supervisor: Markus Linder
Funding: ISB
Date: 2012-01-01

Molecular understanding of the structure / function relations of hydrophobins

This work aims at a comprehensive molecular understanding of the structure / function relations of hydrophobins, a group of adhesive and surface active amphiphilic proteins of filamentous fungi. The role of hydrophobins in the physiology and biology of the living fungus is also examined. Hydrophobins play a significant role in how filamentous fungi interact with their environment, are highly expressed and have been described as the most surface active proteins known showing extraordinary properties regarding forming membranes at interfaces. The task described is tackled by a multidisciplinary approach. Proposed work is done by performing experimental measurements on self-assembled membranes on varying surfaces and conditions, producing deletion mutant strains as well as site- directed mutagenesis based on computational modeling of hydrophobins.