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Objectives of FP0901

Main objectives

The main objective of the Action is to develop new and evaluate existing sufficient analytical methods related to forest-based and agroindustrial Biorefineries that eventually will be applied within novel and existing sustainable Biorefining processes and for products, as well as in state-of-the-art academic research and innovations.

Secondary objectives

More specific objectives are:
  • Create an interdisciplinary platform for interaction between scientists in Europe to provide a good transfer of knowledge
  • Develop new and evaluate new and existing analytical methods for Biorefineries
  • Apply and evaluate presently available analytical methods from different research areas
  • Intensify the cooperation between Industry and Academia to motivate the research and to create ideas and innovations of new, useful analytical methods
  • Develop and evaluate standardized, rapid, non-destructive on-line methods applicable in the industry
  • Stimulate the use of reliable statistical methods in the analytics
  • Identify the needs for new ERA-NET (Networking of the European Research Area) or ERA-NET Plus Actions within the Biorefinery analytics area

Benefits of the Action

The expected benefits to the European forest-based and bioenergy-based industries and to the agroindustry will be the promotion of:
  • The development of sustainable and environmentally benign solutions for the utilisation of forest and agroindustrial resources
  • The development of tools for cost effective and sustainable processes in Biorefineries
  • The development of new raw material sources and novel, sustainable products for biorefineries and bioenergy

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