Laboratory of Lipid and Membrane Biochemistry

The Lipid and Membrane Biochemistry Group is interested in the interplay between lipids in membranes, in how lipid structure and interactions affect the lateral and transverse heterogeneity of membranes. Our experience with sphingolipids is extensive and we have devoted much effort to learn how these lipids behave in membranes, and how they interact with cholesterol. We are eager to share our expertise in collaborative ventures. Finally, we develop and provide biophysical and analytical methods relevant for lipid and membrane research to our neighboring scientific community. Our group is part of the National Graduate School in Informational and Structural Biology, and is also part of the Åbo Akademi Center of Excellence in Cell Stress and Molecular Ageing.


Professor J Peter Slotte
Tel +358 40 581 6521
Email jpslotte at abo dot fi
Address Biochemistry, Department of biosciences, Åbo Akademi University,
Tykistökatu 6A, 20520 Turku, Finland


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