Professor Kai Lindström

Contact details

Phone.: +358-2-215 4355

Fax: +358-2-251 7013

E-mail: kai.lindstrom(at)

Postal address:

Environmental and Marine Biology

Åbo Akademi University

Artillerigatan 6

FI-20520 ÅBO


Office hours: by agreement

Room 2021, Biocity, floor 2

Research Interests

As a behavioral ecologist I am generally interested in the evolutionary processes related to reproduction. My main interest currently is in the evolution of male parental care through sexual selection. In addition my lab works on questions on mating system evolution, ecological effects on sexual selection and mate choice evolution.

Research Approach

Most of my work uses fish as model systems but I have also been working on birds, for example common eiders. I also to some extent use theoretical approaches in my research. In my empirical research I mostly use experiments as they are often better suited for the kind of questions I am interested in. The majority of experiments are done in the lab but I also do some field experiment. Occasionally I regret that I don't collect more non-experimental data.

Also visit my homepage at Åbo Akademi University

List of publications

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