ISB decisions 25. 11. 2009

A. Applications to become Supervisors within ISB

ISB received eight applications to join the graduate program as supervisors. Two applicants were added to the full-supervisor category, one applicant to the Visiting Supervisor category, and one applicant to the Scientist/Postdoctoral Fellow category. Four applications were not accepted to be members of ISB.

1. Supervisors joining ISB

2. Visiting Supervisor joining ISB

3. Scientist and Postdoctoral Fellows joining ISB

B. Applications for funded positions graduate student within ISB 2010-2013

ISB received a total of 38 applications from potential Ph.D. students seeking to join ISB. Three applications were withdrawn. Eight applicants were accepted to be supported by the own sources of funding. Two applicants were selected to receive partial funding. 13 applicants were selected to receive full funding. Four applicants were placed on the waiting list and if they are not already members of ISB are acceptable to join ISB. Nine applications were not offered funding and per instructions have been withdrawn.

1. Students accepted to ISB, supported from non-ISB funds

2. Part-funding (less than 48 months)

3.Full-funding (48 months)

4. Waiting list for funding if it becomes available

On behalf of the board of ISB

Mark Johnson
Director of ISB

Fredrik Karlsson
Coordinator of ISB

Turku, 25.11.2009