Molecular Modelling I

ECTS credits: 4,5
Credits: 3,0
Teaching language: English
Time: 5.-9.3.2007
Study programme/Main Subject: PR4, PR5, medicinal chemistry, postgraduate students
Responsible department: Department of Pharmaceutical Chemisty, University of Kuopio
Course director: Professor Antti Poso
Contact information:, tel. (017) 162 462

Contents: The emphasis of the course is to inform participants about how molecular modelling calculations are being performed along with discussions of the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods. In the afternoon the basic techniques of modelling methods will be trained during hands-on sessions. The course is designed for beginners with limited or no prior experience in molecular modelling.

Learning material: Molecular Modeling : Basic Principles and Applications by Hans-Dieter Höltje, Wolfgang Sippl, Didier Rognan, Gerd Folkers (240 pages)
Teaching methods and assessment: Lectures 20h, small group work 20 h, self study 80 h, examination.