Avidin-ligand complex Binding properties of HABA-type azo derivatives to avidin and avidin-related protein 4. Repo et. al (2006) Chem Biol 13:1029.

Structural Bioinformatics Laboratory (SBL) has a unique combination of expertise where the independent groups have formed a tight network, sharing the research facilities and infrastructure. The emphasis is on multidisciplinary research aiming to solve complex biological problems related to protein structure and function, molecular interactions, and gene/protein evolution. In addition, there is very strong emphasis on education and research training in the areas of molecular structure determination combining experimental approaches (x-ray crystallography) with computation methods (molecular modeling, computational chemistry and bioinformatics).

Our research nearly always involves close collaboration with experimental research groups. The laboratory has extensive ongoing studies on protein-ligand interactions and development of computational methods and programs for structural bioinformatics. During 2000-2005 the unit has published over 40 papers and several patents are pending.

Biocenter Finland

SBL is a technology platform service providing member of Biocenter Finland Infrastructure Networks. The services are usually offered as collaboration or consultation.

Centre of Excellence in Cell Stress

SBL is a part of the Centre of Excellence in Cell Stress (article in Swedish) funded by the Stiftelsen för Åbo Akademi (Åbo Akademi University Foundation).

Funding Agencies

SBL is funded by the following agencies:


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