Nordic Marine Sciences Conference

The Nordic Marine Sciences Conference will be arranged in Strömstad, Sweden, 13-16 September 2010. The conference is expected to gather marine scientists, managers, stakeholders and the industry from all Nordic countries in a multidisciplinary event. The conference will have three main themes and several subthemes with oral and poster presentations. Plenary lectures will be presented by invited scientists in plenum. Three parallel sessions are planned for the subthemes. Also an excursion to the Koster/Ytre Hvaler marine national park is planned. PhD and master students and young scientists are eligible for applying for grants for covering part of the cost for participation. Nordic Marine Academy, the Swedish science funding agency FORMAS, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, SMHI and the Swedish Board of Fisheries support the conference. The Swedish Society for Marine Sciences and the University of Gothenburg arranges the conference. Deadline for registration is 1 June 2010.

Main themes of conference
Global change in the seas
Management of seas and coastal areas
Mapping, measuring and modeling the sea

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