Finnish Young Scientist Forum for Catalysis 

Friday, April 8, 2016 at Labour Museum Werstas, Tampere, Finland


A new tradition will start: Finnish Catalysis Society will organize the first Finnish Young Scientist Forum for Catalysis. The symposium has the goal to present on-going and recently finished PhD thesis works in catalysis and to promote the interaction between the key players in catalysis in our country. Contributions from all sub-fields of catalysis are very welcome: homogeneous, heterogeneous, enzymatic and polymer catalysis; presentations covering aspects from theoretical chemistry to material science and chemical engineering. The symposium programme consists of a keynote lecture, a prize winner’s lecture (the Prize for best doctoral thesis in catalysis for years 2013-2015 will be announced) and oral presentations of PhD students. After the symposium, the annual meeting of Finnish Catalysis Society will take place.  All PhD students, their supervisors and other researchers in the field of catalysis in Finland are cordially welcome!
Please register to the event latest on Monday, March 28. Provide the title of your presentation and few highlights. No abstract is needed. Please use the template in providing the title and the highlights.

Register by filling in your name, affiliation, e-mail and special diet using this form (opens in a new window).
You can also upload the file regarding your presentation (name and highlights) choose "I want to send attachment/attachments" before clicking the Save button on the form..


The registration fee is 20 euro. It should be paid directly to the account of Finnish Catalysis Society (Nordea Bank Account FI08 1107 3000 6085 17)  As an invoice reference please write "Young scientist forum N.N." , where N.N.
is the name of the participant.
The fee covers the attendance to the lectures, the museum visit, the lunch, the afternoon coffee break, the cocktail party and the power-point presentations of the lectures.


The young Scientist’s forum will be organized in the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas which is located in the downtown of Tampere, in the historic Finlayson factory area. The museum specialises in social history as well as recording, researching and exhibiting the history of work and workers. Our versatile exhibitions and lively event activities guarantee a continuous abundance of things to see and do at Werstas. The admission to Werstas is always free. Drop by or explore our exhibitions for a whole day. Rain or shine, our doors are open – Werstas is your living room in the heart of the city. Werstas is the largest free museum in Finland. The museum is open Tuesday-Sunday, 11.00 am – 6.00 pm
Address: Väinö Linnan aukio 8, 33210 Tampere
Tel. +358 10 420 9220

PROGRAMME   [download programme]

10.00        Welcoming address

10.15        Keynote lecture: Dr. Mats Käldström, Neste

10.45        Prize winner’s lecture

11.15        Presentations of PhD theses (à 12 min), chairmen prof. Juha Lehtonen (VTT) & prof. Tapio Salmi (ÅA)

Zouhair El Assal, Univ. of Oulu: “Catalytic oxidation of dichloromethane over powder and monolithic catalysts”

Irene Coronado, VTT: “Aqueous-phase reforming of methanol over nickel-based catalysts”

Ali Najarnezhadmashhadi, Åbo Akademi: “Development of new structured catalyst and reactor technologies for biomass conversion”

Anass Mouammine, Univ. of Oulu:  “Catalytic partial oxidation of Methanol and Methyl mercaptan- Vanadium supported catalysts properties”

Andrea Pérez Nebreda, Åbo Akademi: “Continuous Hydrolysis of Inulin with a Heterogeneous Catalyst”

12.15        Lunch and networking

13.15        Presentations of PhD theses (à 12 min), chairmen prof. Dmitry Murzin (ÅA) & Dr. Matti Reinikainen (VTT)

Anne Heponiemi, Univ. of Oulu: “Catalytic wet air oxidation of industrial wastewaters”

Ari Väliheikki, Univ. of Oulu: ”Resistance of catalytic materials towards chemical impurities

Bouchra Darif, Univ. Of Oulu: “Catalytic oxidation of Dimethyldisulfide (DMDS) over Pt-Cu catalysts supported materials”

Erfan Behravesh, Åbo Akademi: “Catalytic Screening for Heterogeneous Gold Catalysts for Gas Phase Oxidation of Ethanol using Tubular Reactor”

Heikki Harju, Aalto University: “Renewable hydrogen from steam reforming of n-butanol over zirconia nanofiber supported Rhodium catalysts”

Johanna Hakonen, Aalto University “Lignin Depolymerisation with Hydrogen over Noble Metal Catalysts”

Johanna Kihlman, VTT: “Carbon formation in the steam reforming”


14.40        Coffee break

14.55        Presentations of PhD theses (à 12 min) Chairmen Dr. Narendra Kumar (ÅA) & Dr. Satu Ojala (OU)

Karolina Maduna Valkaj, Åbo Akademi: “ Catalytic screening of Cu-MCM-22 and Cu-MCM-36 catalysts in peroxidation of 4-(2-Hydroxyethyl)phenol”

Nemanja Vucetic, Åbo Akademi: “Supported ionic liquid catalyst (SILCA) for preparation of valuable organic chemicals by Heck reaction”

Niina Koivikko, Univ. of Oulu: “ Oxidation of methanol and methyl mercaptan to formaldehyde over vanadia and titania based catalysts”

Noora Kaisalo, VTT: “Steam reforming of benzene in biomass gasification gas cleaning”

Minna Pirilä, Univ. of Oulu: “Photocatalysis in water treatment”

15.55        Short break

16.00        Presentations of PhD theses (à 12 min), chairmen Dr. Narendra Kumar (ÅA) & Dr. Satu Ojala (OU)

Salla Jaatinen, Aalto University: “Liquid phase furfural hydrotreatment to fuel component 2-methylfuran over carbon supported metal catalysts”

Vladimir Shumilov, Åbo Akademi: “Development of structured reactors for transformation of biomass components to high-value products”

Yuwei Bie, Aalto University: “Catalytic hydro-deoxygenation of fatty acid esters: reaction mechanism and kinetic modeling”

                          Soudabeh Saeid, Åbo Akademi: “Catalytic degradation of pharmaceuticals by ozonation”
                          Yaseen Khan, Aalto University: “1-Butanol oxidation over TiO2 supported Au-Pd catalysts in coated microchannel reactor”


17.00 Museum visit/ Annual meeting of Finnish Catalysis Society
18.00-19.00 Cocktail Party


Prof. Tapio Salmi  (tsalmi(at)     Åbo Akademi         

Prof. Juha Lehtonen (juha.lehtonen(at)   Aalto University