Robert Fullér, Ph. D
Institute for Applied Mathematics
Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungary,

Languages: Hungarian, English, German, Swedish, Russian
Long Distance Running, Somló hill. Somló rocks.

Finland Distinguished Professor 2007-2011

Fuzzy Logic Resources.

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Editor for Fuzzy Information and Engineering, Computing and Informatics.

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[BOOK] Possibility for Decision: A Possibilistic Approach to Real Life Decisions,

[BOOK] Fuzzy Logic in Management

[BOOK] Fuzzy Reasoning in Decision Making and Optimization

[BOOK] Introduction to Neuro-Fuzzy Systems

[PDF] Fuzzy Reasoning and Fuzzy Optimization

[PDF] Neural Fuzzy Systems

[PDF] Soft Decision Analysis (8 lectures)

[PDF] Neural Fuzzy Systems (15 lectures)