XBRL in Finland - a seminar

XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is an XML-based open standard for business reporting. It enables publishing financial statements, regulatory filings, general ledger, tax filings, statistics, and other kinds of non-financial reporting in computer-readable format. This standard has a major impact on business reporting around the world. The benefits of XBRL (cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved accuracy and reliability) lie in sharing the same format throughout the financial information supply chain, from preparation to analysis.

XBRL is being developed by an international not-for-profit consortium of more than 250 companies, organizations, and government agencies. The standard is being put to practical use in several countries, foremost in the United States. The European Commission has a two-year programme to support the implementaion of XBRL in Europe. Also, Denmark and Sweden, for example, have their own XBRL taxonomies to suit their legislation and accounting practices.

"XBRL in Finland" (June 8, 2005 at Mauno Koivisto Centre, Turku) is a seminar which intends to promote interest in XBRL in Finland and to spread knowledge among interested and concerned parties about the current status of XBRL, as well as future development in Finland. The seminar is organized by the Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration and by Åbo Akademi University.

- Programme and presentations

10.00  Opening speech, Prof. Barbro Back, Åbo Akademi University/IAMSR and TUCS

10.15  XBRL in Europe, Olivier Servais, XBRL in Europe Permanent Secretary    .ppt

11.00  Cases XBRL and Dutch Government project, Paul Snijders, CEO, Semansys    .ppt

11.30  XBRL in Finland, Prof. Anders Tallberg, Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration    .pdf

12.30  How to integrate XBRL into applications and Building professional services for XBRL, Paul Snijders, Semansys    .ppt

13.00  Semantic Web-technologies in content management, Tomi Kauppinen, Helsinki University of Technology/SECO    .pdf

13.30  The Fenix Programme, Klaus Oesch, Programme Manager, Tekes   homepage

- Links

For more information about
- XBRL, please see http://www.xbrl.org
- XBRL in Europe, please see http://xbrl-eu.org

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