The Finnish Doctoral Programme in Stochastics and Statistics

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Overview of FDPSS

The Finnish Doctoral Programme in Stochastics and Statistics (FDPSS) is a fusion of the Finnish Graduate School in Stochastics (FGSS) and SIIDA, School of Statistical Information, Inference and Data Analysis. The graduate school is co-ordinated by Åbo Akademi University and its chairman is Professor Paavo Salminen.

FDPSS is a Finnish national doctoral programme funded by the Academy of Finland and the Ministry of Education and Culture. It is organized in collaboration with a number of universities and other institutes in the field of stochastics and statistics. During the years 2010-2014 the doctoral programme has 12 doctoral student positions granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture and many other students with other funding. In the beginning of the year 2011 there were 44 doctoral students in the doctoral programme. During the period 2002-2005 FDPSS produced 8 doctors and during 2006-2009 13 doctors.

The supervisors of the doctoral programme are internationally renowned researchers and professors from various fields of stochastics and statistics. The supervisors form a strong network whose areas of expertise are stochastic analysis, stochastic control, financial mathematics, actuarial mathematics, econometrics, Markov processes, queuing theory, statistical methods, computational statistics, biostatistics and others.

The principles of the doctoral programme are research of the highest standard and collaboration both nationally and internationally. The central idea is to bring together the research and doctoral studies of stochastics and statistics from all around Finland. In addition to high quality supervision the doctoral programme organizes to its students special courses and the annual Summer School on Probability Theory. The doctoral programme also provides funding to participate in international conferences.