In the summer of 1892, Sibelius married the artistically inclined Aino Jńrnefelt. (Picture from 1890.)

Sibelius at the piano.

(Drawing by Sibelius's brother-in-law, E. Jńrnefelt, 1892.)

Axel GallÚn: Symposion (1894).

The central artistic figures in the Helsinki of the 1890's - Sibelius (right), conductor R.Kajanus who had his hand in making Sibelius's music known (centre), painter Axel GallÚn (left) - and certain others, formed a so called Symposium-circle. This is where the delirium of life and imminence of death, was aroused to its highest intensity during the symbolistic 1890s.

Sibelius in 1896.

With the turn of the century, a new phase began in Sibelius's life. Thus far he had been a national composer, but now he started conducting his works aboard, foremost in Britain and Germany. Other conductors included his music in their repertoires as well, as far as the USA. The first two symphonies were completed in 1899 and 1902, and the Concerto for Violin was under way.

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