In 1935, on his 70th birthday, Sibelius appeared in public for the final time. 7000 listeners attended his birthday concert, among them three former president of the country and other notable personalities. Aino and Jean Sibelius are in the front now, on the right.

Although Sibelius himself no longer participated in musical events, he followed curent affairs carefully by reading the papers, and listening to the radio in his armchair in the Ainola library.

Sibelius continued composing his Symphony no. 8 well into the 1930s, most likely up until 1938. During the mid 40s he burnt the work. This sketch is all that is known of it. From 1938 Sibelius released new works again. He did not compose much more than a few minor pieces, but he made arrangements of earlier works. A few months prior to his death he arranged the song "Kom nu hit, död" (Come Away, Death!). Sibelius remained active until the very end, following world news in his Ainola.

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