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The Nordic Association for English Studies


All academics active in departments that are responsible for the teaching of English at tertiary level institutions in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are entitled to consider themselves to be members of NAES and to vote at General Meetings of the Association. At present, no fee is charged for individual membership of NAES.

In Denmark and Norway, NAES provides the means by which members can be affiliated to ESSE, the European Society for English Studies. Departments responsible for the teaching of English pay a fee to NAES, and all members of these departments are then considered to be members of both NAES and ESSE. The annual fees currently charged are DKK 750 for a “small” department (up to 7 persons) and DKK 1500 for a “large” department (8 persons or over). Small and large departments are sent 7 and 15 copies respectively of the European English Messenger for distribution among their staff.

Academics in Sweden and Finland who wish to be members of ESSE may join their national associations, FINSSE and SWESSE.