The Impact of Information Literacy in the Digital Workplace

The Impact of Information Literacy in the Digital Workplace

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Academy of Finland

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Åbo Akademi


685 715 euro

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479 997 euro (70% full-cost model)

Principal Investigator

Professor Gunilla Widén

The Impact of Information Literacy in the Digital Workplace

Information literacy is a standardized concept, developed within the higher education. In recent years, information literacy is increasingly recognized as a future skills issue for workplace learning and performance, adding value to the digital workplace of today and tomorrow. Nevertheless, there are few attempts to bring hard evidence to the discussion, to actually assess the impact of information literacy in the workplace. The overall aim of the project is to develop workplace information literacy standard and find suitable methods and measures to study the impact of information literacy skills in the workplace on different levels.

Objectives of the research

The following research questions will be studied in knowledge intensive and global workplaces.

  1. How can different levels of information literacy (individual and organizational) be identified and defined?
  2. What are the differences between digital and traditional information literacy skills in the workplace? Which kinds of literacies are highlighted in workplace context?
  3. What are the differences in information literacy skills between generations? How do they affect collaborative work?
  4. What connections can be found between literacy skills, well-being, and productivity?
  5. How is the development of workplace information literacy supported by organizations and how it contributes to the achievement of organizational goals?
  6. What is the role of workplace information literacy in virtual and global workplaces?
DiWIL is multidisciplinary endeavor bringing together researchers and experts from information science, business management, economics, and information systems. The project is divided into subprojects and teams conducting focused research one one or more objectives of the project.

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