Theses and Publications 2011

Doctoral Theses (10)

Enestam, Sonja, Corrosivity of hot flue gases in the fluidized bed combustion of recovered waste wood

Eta, Valerie Ayamba, Catalytic synthesis of dimethylcarbonate from carbon dioxide and methanol

Granholm, Kim, Sorption/desorption reactions of metal ions with pulp

Jogunola, Olatunde Zambakiu, Reaction intensification of formic acid production

Kusema, Bright T., Catalytic transformation of arabinogalactan its oligomers and monomers into valuable chemicals

Käldström, Mats, Cellulose valorization by heterogeneous catalysis

Piispanen, Minna, Characterization of functional coatings on ceramic surfaces

Tokareva, Elena, Spatial distribution of components in wood by ToF-SIMS

Vainikka, Pasi, Occurrence of bromine in fluidised bed combustion of solid recovered fuel

Österholm, Anna, Electronic and structural properties of polyazulene materials: an in situ spectroelectrochemical investigation

Licentiate Theses (1)

Lindholm, Johan, On experimental techniques for testing flame retardants in polymers

Master of Science Theses (11)

Alanko, Tiina, Bränsleegenskaper hos fyra energigräs

Arroyo Condori, Jesús, Enantiometric separation using chiral conducting polymer membranes

Huang, Jiayi, Electrochemically controlled membranes based on PEDOT for the transport of ions

Korotkova, Ekaterina, Intensification of galactoglucomannan hot-water extraction from Norway spruce

Lu, Xiomin, Effects of metal ions and wood pitch on retention and paper properties

Rasela, Sina, Extraction and chemical characterisation of pine bark

Solana Marañón, Marta, CO2 absorption and desorption with switchable solvents

Sui, Jinxing, Glucose oxidase enzyme based bioanodes - an investigation of the effect of immobilization strategy on the glucose oxidation activity

Trybus, Katarzyna, A chemical analysis of the contents of metals in the soil profile of the Slovak Tatra mountains

Varila, Leena, Reactions of bioactive glasses and their composites in aqueous solutions

Zhang, Biao, Preparation and characterization of zeolite catalysts based on microreactor elements

Articles in Refereed International Scientific Journals and Series (120)

Aehle, E., Ulrike, M., Eklund, P.C., Willför, S., Sippl, W., Dräger, B., Lignans as food constituents with estrogen and antiestrogen activity, Phytochemistry 72 (2011) 18, 2396-2405 (Elsevier Ltd, ISSN: 0031-9422)

Aho, A., Tokarev, A., Backman, P., Kumar, N., Eränen, K., Hupa, M., Holmbom, B., Salmi, T., Murzin, D., Catalytic pyrolysis of pine biomass over H-beta zeolite in a dual-fluidized bed reactor: effect of space velocity on the yield and composition of pyrolysis products, Topics in Catalysis 54 (2011) 13-15, 941-948 (Springer, ISSN: 1022-5528)

Akieh, M., Latonen, R-M., Lindholm, S., Ralph, S., Bobacka, J., Ivaska, A., Electrochemically controlled ion transport across polypyrrole/multi-walled carbon nanotube composite membranes, Synthetic Metals 161 (2011) 17-18, 1906-1914 (Elsevier B.V., ISSN: 0379-6779)

Akieh, M., Varga, Á., Latonen, R-M., Ralph, S., Bobacka, J., Ivaska, A., Simultaneous monitoring of the transport of anions and cations across polypyrrole based composite membranes, Electrochimica Acta 56 (2011) 10, 3507-3515 (Pergamon-Elsevier, ISSN: 0013-4686)

Altaner, C.M., Tokareva, E.N., Jarvis, M.C., Harris, P.J., Distribution of (1→4)-β-galactans, arabinogalactan proteins, xylans and (1→3)-β-glucans in tracheid cell walls of softwoods, Tree Physiology 30 (2011) 6, 782-793 (Oxford University Press, ISSN: 1758-4469)

Anugwom, I., Mäki-Arvela, P., Salmi, T., Mikkola, J-P., Ionic liquid assisted extraction of nitrogen and sulphur-containing air pollutants from model oil and regeneration of the spent ionic liquid, Journal of Environmental Protection 2 (2011) 6, 796-802 (Scientific Research Publishing, ISSN: 2152-2197)

Anugwom, I., Mäki-Arvela, P., Virtanen, P., Damlin, P., Sjöholm, R., Mikkola, J-P., Switchable ionic liquids (SILs) based on glycerol and acid gases, RSC Advances 1 (2011) 3, 452-457 (RSC Publishing, ISSN: 2046-2069)

Arve, K., Kannisto, H., Härelind Ingelsten, H., Eränen, K., Skoglundh, M., Murzin, D.Yu., Did chemisorption become an obsolete method with advent of TEM? Comparison of mean particle size and distribution of silver on alumina, Catalysis Letters 87 (2011) 3, 665-669 (Springer, ISSN: 1011-372X)

Bankiewicz, D., Alonso-Herranz, E., Yrjas, P., Laurén, T., Spliethoff, H., Hupa, M., Role of ZnCl2 in high-temperature corrosion in a bench-scale fluidised bed firing simulated waste wood pellets, Energy & Fuels 25 (2011) 8, 3476-3483 (ACS Publications, ISSN: 0887-0624)

Bao, Y., Song, J., Mao, Y., Han, D., Yang, F., Niu, L., Ivaska, A., Graphene oxide-templated polyaniline microsheets toward simultaneous electrochemical determination of DA/AA/UA, Electroanalysis 23 (2011) 4, 878-884 (John Wiley & Sons, ISSN: 1040-0397)

Bialczak, S., Sundberg, A., Holmbom, B., Changes in extractives and wetting properties of TMP paper during ageing, Nordic Pulp & Paper Research Journal 26 (2011) 4, 438-444, (SPCI, Swedish Association of Pulp and Paper Engineers, ISSN: 0283-2631)

Biasi, P., Canu, P., Pinna, F., Salmi, T., Hydrogen peroxide direct synthesis: from catalyst preparation to continuous reactors, Chemical Engineering Transactions 24 (2011), 49-54, (AIDIC Servizi S.r.l., ISSN: 1974-9791, ISBN: 978-88-95608-15-0)

Biasi, P., Menegazzo, F., Pinna, F., Eränen, K., Salmi, T., Canu, P., Continuous H2O2 direct synthesis over Pd/Au catalysts, Chemical Engineering Journal 176-177 (2011), 172-177 (Elsevier B.V., ISSN: 1385-8947)

Cicmil, D., Anastasova, S., Kavanagh, A., Diamond, D., Mattinen, U., Bobacka, J., Lewenstam, A., Radu, A., Ionic liquid-based, liquid-junction-free reference electrode, Electroanalysis 23 (2011) 8, 1881-1890 (John Wiley & Sons, ISSN: 1040-0397)

Dalle Nogare, D., Salemi, S., Biasi, P., Canu, P., Taking advantage of hysteresis in methane partial oxidation over Pt on honeycomb monolith, Chemical Engineering Science 66 (2011) 24, 6341-6349 (Elsevier B.V., ISSN: 0009-2509)

Deineko, I.P., Khakalo, A.S., Pranovich, A.V., Preparation of cation-exchange sorbents by sulphuric acid treatment of spruce sawdust, Khimiya rastitelnogo syrya (Chemistry of Plant Raw Materials) 4 (2011), 33-38 (Barnaul, ISSN: 1029-5151)

Driver, G.W., Ingman, P., Non-spherical ion dynamics and rotational diffusion for imidazolium based ionic liquids, ChemPhysChem 12 (2011) 4, 757-760 (John Wiley & Sons, ISSN: 1439-4235)

Duanmu, J., Gamstedt, E.K., Pranovich, A., Rosling, A., Allyloxy-modified starch with low degree of substitution for fiber reinforced thermoset starch composites, Composites Science and Technology 71 (2011), 520-527 (Elsevier Ltd, ISSN: 0266-3538)

Enestam, S., Boman, C., Niemi, J., Boström, D., Backman, R., Mäkelä, K., Hupa, M., Occurrence of zinc and lead in aerosols and deposits in the fluidized bed combustion of recovered waste wood. Part 1: Samples from boilers, Energy & Fuels 25 (2011) 4, 1396-1404 (ACS Publications, ISSN: 0887-0624)

Enestam, S., Mäkelä, K., Backman, R. Hupa, M., Occurrence of zinc and lead in aerosols and deposits in the fluidized bed combustion of recovered waste wood. Part 2: Thermodynamic considerations, Energy & Fuels 25 (2011) 5, 1970-1977 (ACS Publications, ISSN: 0887-0624)

Eta, V., Mäki-Arvela, P., Salminen, E., Salmi, T., Murzin, D.Yu., Mikkola, J-P., High yield synthesis of dimethyl carbonate from CO2 and methanol using alkoxide ionic liquids as additives, Catalysis Letters 141 (2011) 9, 1254-1261 (Springer, ISSN: 1011-372X)

Eta, V., Mäki-Arvela, P., Wärnå, J., Salmi, T., Mikkola, J-P., Murzin, D.Yu., Kinetics of dimethyl carbonate synthesis from methanol and carbon dioxide over ZrO2-MgO catalyst using butylene oxide as a chemical trap for water, Applied Catalysis A: General 404 (2011) 1-2, 39-45 (Elsevier B.V., ISSN: 0926-860X)

Grénman, H., Eränen, K., Krogell, J., Willför, S., Salmi, T., Murzin, D.Yu., The kinetics of aqueous extraction of hemicelluloses from spruce in an intensified reactor system, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 50 (2011) 7, 3818-3828 (ACS Publications, ISSN: 0888-5885)

Grénman, H., Ingves, M., Wärnå, J., Corander, J., Murzin, D.Yu., Salmi, T., Common potholes in modeling solid-liquid reactions – methods for avoiding them, Chemical Engineering Science 66 (2011) 20, 4459-4467 (Elsevier B.V., ISSN: 0009-2509)

Grysakowski, B., Jasielec, J., Wierzba, B., Sokalski, T., Lewenstam, A., Danielewski, M., Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) of ion sensors - Direct modeling and inverse problem solving using the Nernst-Planck-Poisson (NPP) model and the HGS(FP) optimization strategy, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 662 (2011) 1, 143-149 (Elsevier B.V., ISSN: 1572-6657)

Gustafsson, H., Kvarnström, C., Ivaska, A., Conductive polymer bilayers – A spectroelectrochemical look at their doping reactions, MRS Proceedings 1312 (2011), (Cambridge University Press, ISSN: 1946-4274)

Handjani, S., Marceau, E., Blanchard, J., Kraftt, J-M., Che, M., Mäki-Arvela, P., Kumar, N., Wärnå, J., Murzin, D.Yu., Influence of the support composition and acidity on the catalytic properties of mesoporous SBA-15, Al-SBA-15 and Al2O3–supported Pt catalysts for cinnamaldehyde hydrogenation, Journal of Catalysis 282 (2011) 1, 228-236 (Elsevier Inc., ISSN: 0021-9517)

Hernández Carucci, J.R., Arve, K., Bártová, Š., Eränen, K., Salmi, T., Murzin, D.Yu., Deposition of carbonaceous species over Ag(alumina catalysts for the HC-SCR of NOx under lean conditions: a qualitative and quantitative study, Catalysis Science & Technology 1 (2011), 1456-1465 (RSC Publishing, ISSN: 2044-4753)

Hernández Carucci, J.R., Eränen, K., Salmi, T., Murzin, D.Yu., Gas-phase microreactors as a powerful tool for kinetic investigations, Rossijskij Khimicheskij Zhurnal (Russian Chemical Journal) 55 (2011), 16-33 (Russian Chemical Society, ISSN: 0373-0247)

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Hyvärinen, S., Damlin, P., Gräsvik, J., Murzin, D.Yu., Mikkola, J-P., Ionic liquid fractionation of woody biomass for fermentable monosaccharides, Cellulose Chemistry and Technology 45 (2011) 7-8 (Editura Academiei Romane, ISSN: 0576-9787)

Ihalainen, P., Määttänen, A., Mattinen, U., Stępień, M., Bollström, R., Toivakka, M., Bobacka, J., Peltonen, J., Electrodeposition of PEDOT-Cl film on a fully printed Ag/polyaniline electrode, Thin Solid Films 519 (2011) 7, 2172-2175 (Elsevier B.V., ISSN: 0040-6090)

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Jogunola, O., Salmi, T., Wärnå, J., Mikkola, J-P., Tirronen, E., Kinetics of methyl formate hydrolysis in the absence and presence of a complexing agent, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 50 (2011) 1, 267-276 (ACS Publications, ISSN: 0888-5885)

Järvinen, M., Mueller, C., Hupa, M., Fogelholm, C-J., A CFD-applicable discrete combustion model for thermally large particles, Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics 11 (2011) 6, 373-383 (Inderscience Publishers, ISSN: 1468-4349)

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Keränen, P., Moritz, N., Alm, J.J., Ylänen, H., Kommonen, B., Aro, H. T. Bioactive glass microspheres as osteopromotive inlays in macrotextured surfaces of Ti and CoCr alloy bone implants: trapezoidal surface grooves without inlay most efficient in resisting torsional forces, Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 4 (2011) 7, 1483-1491 (Elsevier Ltd, ISSN: 1751-6161)

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Kilic, A., Hafizoglu, H., Tümen, I., Dönmez, I.E., Sivrikaya, H., Hemming, J., Phenolic extractives of cones and berries from Turkish coniferous species, European Journal of Wood and Wood Products 69 (2011) 1, 63-66 (Springer, ISSN: 0018-3768)

Kirilin, A., Mäki-Arvela, P., Kordás, K., Leino, A-R., Shchukarev, A., Boström, D., Mikkola, J-P., Kustov, L.M., Salmi, T., Murzin, D.Yu., Chemo-bio catalyzed synthesis of R-1-phenylethyl acetate over bimetallic Pd-Zn catalysts, lipase and Ru/Al2O3, Part I, Kinetics and Catalysis 52 (2011) 1, 73-77/72-76 (Springer, ISSN: 0023-1584)

Kirilin, A., Mäki-Arvela, P., Kordás, K., Leino, A-R., Shchukarev, A., Boström, D., Mikkola, J-P., Kustov, L.M., Salmi, T., Murzin, D.Yu., Chemo-bio catalyzed synthesis of R-1-phenylethyl acetate over bimetallic Pd-Zn catalysts, lipase and Ru/Al2O3, Part II, Kinetics and Catalysis 52 (2011) 1, 78-82/77-81 (Springer, ISSN: 0023-1584)

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