Theses and Publications 2010

Doctoral Theses (6)

Engblom, Markus, Modeling and field observations of char bed processes in black liquor recovery boilers, Åbo Akademi University, 2010, ISBN 978-952-12-2440-9

Grénman, Henrik, Solid-liquid reaction kinetics, Experimental aspects and model development, Åbo Akademi University, 2010, ISBN 978-952-12-2490-4

Şahin, Serap, Engineering bio-chemo catalytic reactions, Åbo Akademi University, 2010, ISBN 978-952-12-2491-1

Simakova, Irina, Catalytic transformations of fatty acid derivatives, for food, oleochemicals and fuels over carbon supported platinum group metals, Åbo Akademi University, 2010, ISBN 978-952-12-2420-1

Sundfors, Fredrik, Solid-contact ion sensors: Materials and properties, Åbo Akademi University, 2010, ISBN 978-952-12-2456-0

Taskinen, Antti, Molecular modelling of asymmetric induction in heterogeneously catalyzed hydrogenation of the C=O bond (in co-operation with the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry, Åbo Akademi University), Åbo Akademi University, 2010, ISBN 978-952-12-2481-2

Licentiate Theses (0)

Master of Science Theses (15)

de Araujo Filho, Cesár, Catalytic synthesis of peroxyfatty acids (in co-operation with INSA Rouen, France)

Björkvik, Thomas, Measurement of sulfur release from black liquor droplets in a single particle reactor

Bäckman, Anders, Konstruktion och drift av ett laboratoriereaktorsystem för studier av reak-tionerna mellan kaliumkloridångor och aluminiumsilikater (Construction and running of a laboratory reactor system for studies of the reactions between evaporated potassium chloride and alumina silicates, in Swedish)

Durante, Davide, Modelling of a trickle-bed reactor for sugar hydrogenation (in co-operation with Università di Padova, Italy)

Hilpmann, Gert, Reaction studies on the cleavage of arabinogalactan in a stirred batch reactor (in co-operation with TU Dresden, Germany)

Lind, Joakim, Inverkan av finmaterial på avvattning och initial våtstyrka (Effects of fines on dewatering and initial wet web strength, in Swedish)

Niemi, Sara, Bleaching of sugar beet and its environmental load

Niittymäki, Outi, Metallförmedlad allylering av oxiderad metyl-α-D-galaktopyranosid (Metal mediated allylation of oxidized methyl-α-D-galactopyranoside, in Swedish)

Poleo Vargas, Eduardo Enrique, Kinetic analysis and modeling of the ring opening reaction of decalin over a Pt-modified beta-zeolite catalyst

Riittonen, Toni, Bioethanol valorization to biobutanol (in co-operation with the University of Turku)

Roche, Mauricio, Ethylene oxide synthesis in microreactors

Salminen, Eero, Supported ionic liquid catalysts in the selective hydrogenation of citral (in co-operation with the University of Turku)

Tourvieille, Jean-Noel, Ultrasound effect on hydrogenation of sugars - catalyst deactivation and modelling (in co-operation with CPE Lyon, France)

Yu, Kai, Electrosynthesis of electroactive films made of benzo(a)pyrene

Zhu, Weizhen, Decomposition kinetics of sodium cyanate in smelt from kraft recovery boilers

Articles in Refereed International Scientific Journals and Series (138)

Aho, A., Kumar, N., Eränen, K., Salmi, T., Holmbom, B., Backman, P., Hupa, M., Murzin, D.Yu., Catalytic pyrolysis of woody biomass, Biofuels 1 (2010) 2, 261-273

Aho, A., Kumar, N., Lashkul, A.V., Eränen, K., Ziolek, M., Decyk, P., Salmi, T., Holmbom, B., Hupa, M., Murzin, D.Yu., Catalytic upgrading of woody biomass derived pyrolysis vapours over iron modified zeolites in a dual-fluidized bed reactor, Fuel 89 (2010) 8, 1992-2000

Aho, A., Käldström, M., Fardim, P., Kumar, N., Eränen, K., Salmi, T., Holmbom, B., Hupa, M., Murzin, D.Yu., Catalytic deoxygenation of cellulose pyrolysis vapours over mesoporous materials, Cellulose Chemistry and Technology 44 (2010) 1-3, 89-96

Aho, M., Yrjas, P., Taipale, R., Hupa, M., Silvennoinen, J., Reduction of superheater corrosion by co-firing risky biomass with sewage sludge, Fuel 89 (2010) 9, 2376-2386

Akieh, M.N., Ralph, S.F., Bobacka, J., Ivaska, A., Transport of metal ions across an electrically switchable cation exchange membrane based on polypyrrole doped with a sulfonated calix[6]arene, Journal of Membrane Science 354 (2010) 1-2, 162-170

Anastasova, S., Mattinen, U., Radu, A., Bobacka, J., Lewenstam, A., Migdalski, J., Danielewski, M., Diamond, D., Development of miniature all-solid contact potentiometric sensing system, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 146 (2010) 1, 199-205

Barone, G., Li Manni, G., Prestianni, A., Duca, D., Bernas, H., Murzin, D.Yu., Hydrogenolysis of hydroxymatairesinol on Y derived catalysts: A computational study, Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 333 (2010), 136-144

Becidan, M., Sørum, L., Lindberg, D., Impact of municipal solid waste (MSW) quality on the behavior of alkali metals and trace elements during combustion: A thermodynamic equilibrium analysis, Energy & Fuels 24 (2010) 6, 3446–3455

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Bernas, A., Wärnå, J., Mäki-Arvela, P., Murzin, D.Yu., Salmi, T., Kinetics and mass transfer in hydroformylation – bulk or film reaction? Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering 88 (2010), 618-624

Bernas, H., Eränen, K., Simakova, I., Leino, A.R., Kordas, K., Myllyoja, J., Mäki-Arvela, P., Salmi, T., Murzin, D.Yu., Deoxygenation of dodecanoic acid under inert atmosphere, Fuel 89 (2010) 9, 2033-2039

Biasi, P., Menegazzo, F., Pinna, F., Eränen, K., Canu, P., Salmi, T., Hydrogen peroxide direct synthesis: Selectivity enhancement in a trickle bed reactor, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 49 (2010), 10627-10632

Brink, A., Laurén, T., Hupa, M., Koschack, R., Mueller, C., In-furnace temperature and heat flux mapping in a kraft recovery boiler, Tappi Journal 9 (2010) 7, 7-11

Cortinez, V., Hyvärinen, S., Reunanen, M., Hemming, J., Lienqueo, M.E., Murzin, D.Yu., Mikkola, J.P., Evaluation of ionic liquid mediated pretreatment for the enzymatic hydrolysis of forest residues to obtain bioethanol, Cellulose Chemistry and Technology 44 (2010) 1-3

Damlin, P., Mikkola, J.-P., Salmi, T., Characterization of hardwood-derived carboxymethylcellulose by high-pH anion-exchange chromatography using pulsed amperometric detection, Cellulose Chemistry and Technology 44 (2010) 1-3, 65-69

DeMartini, N., Monedero, E., Yrjas, P., Hupa, M., Co-firing black liquor and biomass in a laboratory single droplet reactor – effects on emissions and combustion characteristics, Tappi Journal 9 (2010) 9, 29-34

Duanmu, J., Gamstedt, E.K., Pranovich, A., Rosling, A., Studies on the mechanical properties of wood fiber reinforced cross-linked starch composites made from enzymatically degraded allylglycidyl ether-modified starch, Composites, Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 41 (2010) 10, 1409-1418

Engblom M., Bergroth, N., Mueller, C., Jones, A., Brink, A., Hupa, M., CFD-based modeling of kraft char beds – Part 2: A study on the effects of droplet size and bed shape on bed processes, Tappi Journal 9 (2010) 2, 15-20

Eta, V., Mäki-Arvela,  P., Leino, A.R., Kordas, K., Salmi, T., Murzin, D.Yu., Mikkola, J.P., Sustainable synthesis of dimethyl carbonate from methanol and carbon dioxide under dehydration- the effect of magnesium enhanced reactions, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 49 (2010), 9609-9611

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Granholm, K., Harju, L., Ivaska, A., Desorption of metal ions from kraft pulps, Part 2: Chelation of kraft pulps with different complexing agents and with EDTA in a reducing environment, BioResources 5 (2010), 227-243

Grénman, H.,  Wärnå, J., Mikkola, J.P., Sifontes, V., Fardim, P., Murzin, D.Yu., Salmi, T., Modelling the influence of wood anisotropy and internal diffusion on delignification kinetics, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 49 (2010,) 9703-9711

Grénman, H., Salmi, T., Murzin, D.Yu., Addai-Mensah, J., Dissolution of boehmite in sodium hydroxide at ambient pressure: kinetics and modelling, Hydrometallurgy 102 (2010), 22-30

Grénman, H., Salmi, T., Murzin, D.Yu., Addai-Mensah, J., The dissolution of gibbsite in sodium hydroxide  at ambient pressure, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 49 (2010), 2600-2607 (ACS Publications, ISSN: 0888-5885)

Grzeczszuk, M., Kępas, A., Kvarnström, C., Ivaska, A., Effects of small octahedral mono, di and trivalent hexafluoroanions on electronic and molecular structures of polypyrrole monitored by in situ  UV-Vis-NIR and resonance Raman spectroelectrochemical measurements, Synthetic Metals (2010) 160, 636-642

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