Theses 2009

Doctoral Theses (7)

Aho, Atte, Catalytic pyrolysis of biomass in a fluidized bed reactor

Hernández Carucci, José Rafael, Experimental and modelling aspects of nitrogen oxides reduction in mini- and microreactors

Leveneur, Sébastien, Catalytic synthesis and decomposition of peroxycarboxylic acids

Mousavi, Zekra, Ion sensing based on the conducting polymer poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)

Saarela, Kjell-Erik, Elemental analysis of wood materials by external millibeam thick target PIXE

Sarkadi-Pribóczki, Éva, Novel 11C-radioisotope method for studying methanol transformations over H- and metal-modified zeolites and MCM-41

Virtanen, Pasi, Supported ionic liquid catalysts (SILCA) for preparation of fine chemicals

Licentiate Theses (0)

Master of Science Theses (17)

Anugwom, Ikenna, Extraction of nitrogen and sulphur compounds from heavy fuel oil using ionic liquids 

Boedeker, Anna, Inverkan av ett ytaktivt ämne och mannaner på våtstyrka och andra pappersegenskaper (Effects of a surface active agent and mannans on wet strength and other paper properties, in Swedish)

Ciepela, Filip, Signal processing in electrochemical trace analysis

Halonen, Ville, Preparation of ethylene oxide in a microreactor (in collaboration with the University of Oulu)

Isaksson, Johan, Inverkan av ett ytaktivt ämne och vedsubstanser på avvattning av kemisk massa (Effects of a surface active agent and wood substances on dewatering of a chemical pulp, in Swedish)

Kirilin, Alexey, One-pot cascade transformation of acetophenone to R-1-phenylethyl acetate using heterogeneous and enzymatic catalysis (in collaboration with Moscow State University)

Krogell, Jens, Kemisk karakterisering av granbark samt extraction av hemicellulosor och pektiner (Chemical characterization of spruce bark and extraction of hemicelluloses and pectins, in Swedish)

Lindén, Isak, Deposit formation and heat transfer in a recovery lime kiln cooler

Oladele, Oluwamuyiwa, Catalytic hydrogenation of carbohydrates – Modelling and kinetics

Penttinen, Matias, Metodutveckling för kemisk analys av mikroorganismer (Development of methods for chemical analysis of microorganisms, in Swedish)

Rivero, Daniel, Physical properties of sugar solutions and hydrogenation reactions of sugar into sugar alcohols over Ru/C monolithic catalysts

Rozmysłowicz, Bartosz, Catalytic deoxygenation of tall oil fatty acids over palladium, mesoporous carbon catalyst

Smeds, Felix, Utveckling av en mätmetod för elektrokemisk detektering av korrosion i realtid i högtemperaturomgivning (Development of a method for electrochemical detection of corrosion in real time in high temperature ambient, in Swedish)

Stepien, Milena, Conducting polymers as model to study propagation of biological membrane potential with time

Vainio, Emil, Mätning av gassammansättning i eldstaden i en stor sodapanna (In-furnace gas composition measurement in a large Kraft recovery boiler, in Swedish)

Wang, Nianxing, Promoting direct electron transfer in bio fuel-cell enzyme electrodes by using carbon nano-tubes as electron carrier

Vähä-Savo, Niklas, Utveckling och användning av en korttidssond vid mätningar av överbäring i sodapannor (Development and application of a one-minute probe for measuring carry-over in a recovery boiler, in Swedish)

Articles in Refereed International Scientific Journals and Series (117)

Akieh, M.N., Price, W.E., Bobacka J., Ivaska, A., Ralph, S.,  Ion exchange behaviour and charge compensation mechanism of polypyrrole in electrolytes containing mono-, di-, and trivalent metal ions, Synthetic Metals 159 (2009), 2590-2598

Altaner, C.M., Tokareva, E.N., Wong, J.C.T., Hapca, A.I., McLean, J.P., Jarvis, M.C., Measuring compression wood severity in spruce, Wood Science and Technology 43 (2009), 279-290

Altürk Parlak, E., Sezai Sarac, A., Serantoni, M., Bobacka, J., Electropolymerization of N-hydroxyethylcarbazole on carbon fiber microelectrodes, Journal of Applied Polymer Science 113 (2009) 136–142

Arve, K., Adam, J., Simakova, O., Čapek, L., Eränen, K., Murzin, D. Yu., Selective catalytic reduction of NOx over nano-sized gold catalyst supported on alumina and titania and over bimetallic gold-silver catalyst supported on alumina, Topics in Catalysis 52 (2009), 1762-1765

Arve, K., Hernández Carucci, J.R., Eränen, K., Aho, A., Murzin, D. Yu., Kinetic behaviour of HC-SCR over Ag/alumina catalyst using a model paraffinic second generation bio-diesel compound, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 90 (2009), 603-612

Bankiewicz, D., Yrjas, P., Hupa, M., High-temperature corrosion of superheater tube materials exposed to zinc salts, Energy & Fuels 23 (2009), 3469-3474

Barone, G., Armata, N., Prestianni, A., Rubino, T., Duca, D., Murzin, D.Yu., Confined but-2-ene catalytic isomerization inside H-ZSM-5 models: a DFT study, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 5 (2009), 1274-1283

Bergelin, E., Song, T., Holmbom, B., Co-deposition of wood resin components and betulinol in Kraft pulping and papermaking, Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal 24 (2009) 4, 428-432

Bernas, A., Ahlkvist, J., Wärnå, J., Mäki-Arvela, P., Lehtonen, J., Salmi, T., Murzin, D.Yu., Hydroformylation of 1-butene on Rh catalysts, Catalysis of Organic Reactions 123 (2009), 253-262

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Bernini, R., Barontini, M., Mosesso, P., Willför, S., Sjöholm, R., Eklund, P., Saladino, R., A selective de-O-methylation of guaiacyl lignans to corresponding catechol derivatives by 2-iodoxybenzoic acid (IBX) - The role of the catechol moiety on the toxicity of lignans, Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 7 (2009) 11, 2367-2377

Bernini, R., Gualandi, G., Crestini, C., Barontini, M., Belfiore, M.C., Willför, S., Eklund, P., Saladino, R., A novel and efficient synthesis of highly oxidized lignans by methyltrioxorhenium/hydrogen peroxide catalytic system - Studies on their apoptogenic and antioxidant activity, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 17 (2009) 15, 5676-5682

Björkblom, C., Högfors, E., Salste, L., Bergelin, E., Olsson, P.-E., Katsiadaki, I., Wiklund, T., Estrogenic and androgenic effects of municipal wastewater on reproductive endpoint biomarkers in three-spined stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus), Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry 28 (2009) 5, 1063-1071

Blanco, A., Negro, C., Diaz, L., Saarimaa, V., Sundberg, A., Holmbom, B., Influence of thermostable lipase treatment of thermomechanical pulp (TMP) on extractives and paper properties, Appita Journal 62 (2009) 2, 113-117

Blomquist, M., Lindfors, T., Latonen, R.M., Bobacka, J., Electropolymerization of N-methylanthranilic acid and spectroelectrochemical characterization of the formed film, Synthetic Metals 159 (2009) 96–102

Bobacka, J., Topical issue “Solid-state potentiometric sensors” (Editorial Preface), Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, 13 (2009) 1–2

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Driver, G.W., Johnson, K.E., From molecules to ions - Where do modern ionic liquids belong?, ECS Transactions16 (2009), 19-31

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