Theses 2008

Doctoral Theses (9)

Arstila, Hanna, Crystallization characteristics of bioactive glasses

Bergelin, Eija, Wood resin components in birch kraft pulping and bleaching - Material balances, reactions and deposition

Kangas, Matias, Chemical reaction engineering in skeletal isomerization

Karhu, Jouni, Equilibria and balances of metal ions in kraft pulping

Sjöberg-Eerola, Pia, All-solid-state ion sensors. Single piece and solid-contact sensors for chloride and lithium ions

Vedel, Erik, Predicting the properties of bioactive glasses

Werkelin, Johan, Ash-forming elements and their chemical forms in woody biomass fuels

Xu, Chunlin, Physicochemical properties of water-soluble spruce galactoglucomannans

Zhang, Di, In vitro characterization of bioactive glasses

Licentiate Theses (5)

Laurén, Tor, Methods and instruments for characterizing deposit build-up on heat exchangers in combustion plants

Leveneur, Sébastien, Catalytic synthesis and decomposition of peroxypropionic acid – Green catalytic synthesis of green compounds (with Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Rouen)

Virtanen, Pasi, Supported ionic liquid catalysts (SILCA) for preparation of fine chemicals

Westén-Karlsson, Micaela, Assessment of a laboratory method for studying high temperature corrosion caused by alkali salts

Yli-Niemi, Outi, Latex factors affecting sticky formation in wet end and in drying section

Master of Science Theses (19)

Blomquist, Susanna, Elektrokemisk och spektroelektrokemisk undersökning av de ledande polymererna poly (3.4-etylen-dioxytiofen) och poly(3.4-metylendioxytiofen)

Granfors, Mikael, Bestämning av kvicksilver genom ackumulering av guldfälla kombinerad med DCP-AES

Han, Tingting, Study on electrochemical properties of glassy carbon, carbon nanotube/glassy carbon, fullerene/glassy carbon and single wall carbon nanotub paper electrodes

He, Ning, Mesoporous materials for application in drug loading and controlled release (Mesoporösa material för läkemedelsimpregnering och kontrollerad upplösning, in English)

Jasielec, Jerzy, JEDS – computer program for simulation of electro-diffusion processes

Karlström, Oskar, Bestämning av bränslespecifika parametrar för modellering av biomasspartikelförbränning (Determining fuel specific parameters for modelling of biomass particle burning, in Swedish)

Koyya, Hema Reddy, Determination of yield and selectivity for a complex chemical system in a continuous gas-liquid reactor (Bestämning av utbyte och selektivitet for ett komplicerat kemiskt system i en kontinuerlig gas-vätskereaktor, in English)

Kurman Rivero, Adriana, Kinetics of biofuels-assisted SCR of NOx over silver-alumina coated microchannels (Kinetiken för biobränsleassisterad selektiv katalytisk reduktion av NOx i silveraluminiumoxidbelagda mikrokanaler, in English)

Martin Curvelo, Gerson, Hydrogenation of beta-sitosterol to beta-sitostanol over different Pd-catalysts (Hydrering av beta-sitosterol to beta-sitostanol på olika palladiumkatalysatorer, in English)

Mattinen, Ulriika, Solid-state reference electrode

Michelsson, Linda, Assessing the stability of pitch in a paper mill using mechanical pulp (Utvärdering av hartsstabilitet i ett pappersbruk som använder mekanisk massa, in English)

Nyberg, Thomas, Utfällning av silikater ur lut

Nylund, Jill, Kloridselektiva elektroder med fast kontakt samt deras respons vid låga koncentrationer

Patola, Markus, A study of filler retention with dynamic drainage jar and focused beam reflectance measurements (Bestämning av fyllmedelsretention med en laboratorieavvattnare och en laserbaserad flockningsmätare, in English)

Päärni, Riikka, Bränntemperaturens inverkan på brända kalkens släckningsreaktivitet (The influence of calcination temperature on quicklime reactivity, in Swedish)

Sundblom, Sören, Bestämning av surheten hos zeoliter med in situ FTIR

Udd, Annika, Bestämning av SO2 och SO3 i kalcineringsgas

Westberg, Annika, Mixed-alkalieffekt i bioaktiva glas (Mixed-alkali effect in bioactive glasses, in Swedish)

Väänänen, Virpi, Undersökning av jonselektiva elektroder med fast kontakt

Articles in Refereed International Scientific Journals and Series (101)

Aho, A., Kumar, N., Eränen, K., Backman, P., Hupa, M., Salmi, T., Murzin, D. Yu., Zeolite-bentonite hybrid catalysts for the pyrolysis of woody biomass, Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis 174 (2008), 1069-1074

Aho, A., Kumar, N., Eränen, K., Backman, P., Hupa, M., Salmi, T., Murzin, D.Yu., Catalytic pyrolysis of woody biomass, Kataliz v Promyshlennosti 2 (2008), 49-57

Aho, A., Kumar, N., Eränen, K., Holmbom, B., Hupa, M., Salmi, T., Murzin, D.Yu., Pyrolysis of softwood carbohydrates in a fluidized bed reactor, International Journal of Molecular Sciences 9 (2008) 9, 1665-1675

Aho, A., Kumar, N., Eränen, K., Salmi, T., Hupa, M., Murzin, D. Yu., Catalytic pyrolysis of woody biomass in a fluidized bed reactor: Influence of the zeolite structure, Fuel 87 (2008) 12, 2493-2501 

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Arstila, H., Tukiainen, M., Taipale, S., Kellomäki, M., Hupa, L., Liquidus temperatures of bioactive glasses, Advanced Materials Research, 39-40 (2008), 287-292

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Bergelin, E., Holmbom, B. Reactions and distribution of birch extractives in kraft pulp delignification, Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology 28 (2008) 4, 261-269

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Cacaina, D., Ylänen, H., Simon, S., Hupa, M., The behaviour of selected yttrium containing bioactive glass microspheres in simulated body environments, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 19 (2008) 3, 1225-1233

Christianson-Heiska, I., Haavisto, T., Paranko, J., Bergelin, E., Isomaa, B., Effects of the wood extractives dehydroabietic acid and betulinol on reproductive physiology of zebrafish (Danio rerio) - A two-generation study, Aquatic Toxicology 86(2008) 3, 388-96

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Articles in Refereed International Edited Volumes and Conference Proceedings (8)

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