Leading Cases of the Human Rights Committee
Second, revised edition


This book provides a representative although non-exhaustive account of the jurisprudence by the Human Rights Committee during the first 30 years of its operation as the monitoring body under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Through 50 leading cases in individual complaints decided by the end of the year 2006 under the Optional Protocol to the Covenant and thematic section introductions that include references to 100 more cases the compilation demonstrates both the development of the Committee’s case law and the law as it today stands as a result of that development.

The cases are organized into twelve thematic sections which cover most of the substantive law under the Covenant: Life, Torture and inhuman treatment, Liberty and security, Fair trial, Movement, Privacy and family, Religion and conscience, Expression, assembly and association, Discrimination, Minorities, Public participation and Self-determination. In addition, an introductory chapter makes concise analysis of the Optional Protocol procedure including the admissibility conditions, as well as of certain general issues related to the Covenant.

As annexes, the book includes the text of the Covenant and its two optional protocols, excerpts from the Rules of procedure of the Human Rights Committee, a short bibliography and guide to Internet resources on the Covenant, a case index and an alphabetical subject index.

Professor Martin Scheinin is a former member of the Human Rights Committee (1997-2004) and the Director of the Åbo Akademi University Institute for Human Rights. Ms. Raija Hanski, M.Pol.Sci., works as editor at the same institute.




The Work of the Human Rights Committee under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and its Optional Protocol
by Martin Scheinin


1. Basilio Laureano Atachahua, on behalf of his granddaughter, Ana Rosario Celis Laureano v. Peru (Communication No. 540/1993)
2. Yekaterina Pavlovna Lantsova, on behalf of her son, Vladimir Albertovich Lantsov v. Russia (Communication No. 763/1997)
3. Rickly Burrell v. Jamaica (Communication No. 546/1993)
4. Roger Judge v. Canada (Communication No. 829/1998)
5. Pagdayawon Rolando v. The Philippines (Communication No. 1110/2002)

Torture and Inhuman Treatment

6. Juan Fernando Terán Jijón v. Ecuador (Communication No. 277/1988)
7. Errol Johnson v. Jamaica (Communication No. 588/1994)
8. Mansour Ahani v. Canada (Communication No. 1051/2002)
9. K.N.L.H. v. Peru (Communication No. 1153/2003)

Liberty and Security

10. Delia Saldías de López, on behalf of her husband, Sergio Rubén López Burgos v. Uruguay (Communication No. 52/1979)
11. A. v. Australia (Communication No. 560/1993)
12. Tai Wairiki Rameka et al. v. New Zealand (Communication No. 1090/2002)
13. Vladimir Kulomin v. Hungary (Communication No. 521/1992)
14. Antti Vuolanne v. Finland (Communication No. 265/1987)
15. William Eduardo Delgado Páez v. Colombia (Communication No. 195/1985)

Fair Trial

16. R. T. Muñoz Hermoza v. Peru (Communication No. 203/1986)
17. Rosa Espinoza de Polay, on behalf of her husband, Victor Alfredo Polay Campos v. Peru (Communication No. 577/1994)
18. Dimitriy L. Gridin v. Russian Federation (Communication No. 770/1997)
19. Aston Little v. Jamaica (Communication No. 283/1988)
20. Michael and Brian Hill v. Spain (Communication No. 526/1993)


21. Anna Maroufidou v. Sweden (Communication No. 58/1979)
22. Sophie Vidal Martins v. Uruguay (Communication No. 57/1979)
23. Eric Hammel v. Madagascar (Communication No. 155/1983)
24. Charles E. Stewart v. Canada (Communication No. 538/1993)

Privacy and Family

25. Nicholas Toonen v. Australia (Communication No. 488/1992)
26. A. R. Coeriel and M. A. R. Aurik v. The Netherlands (Communication No. 453/1991)
27. Wim Hendriks v. The Netherlands (Communication No. 201/1985)
28. Hendrick Winata and So Lan Li v. Australia (Communication No. 930/2000)

Religion and Conscience

29. Erkki Juhani Hartikainen et al. v. Finland (Communication No. 40/1978)
30. Arieh Hollis Waldman v. Canada (Communication No. 694/1996)
31. Raihon Hudoyberganova v. Uzbekistan (Communication No. 931/2000)

Expression, Assembly and Association

32. Albert Womah Mukong v. Cameroon (Communication No. 458/1991)
33. Robert Faurisson v. France (Communication No. 550/1993)
34. John Ballantyne and Elizabeth Davidson, and Gordon McIntyre v. Canada (Com-munications Nos. 359/1989 and 385/1989)
35. Tae Hoon Park v. The Republic of Korea (Communication No. 628/1995)
36. Auli Kivenmaa v. Finland (Communication No. 412/1990)


37. Shirin Aumeeruddy-Cziffra et al. v. Mauritius (Communication No. 35/1978)
38. F. H. Zwaan-de Vries v. The Netherlands (Communication No. 182/1984)
39. Ibrahima Gueye et al. v. France (Communication No. 196/1985)
40. Frédéric Foin v. France (Communication No. 666/1995)
41. Alina Simunek et al. v. The Czech Republic (Communication No. 516/1992)
42. Joseph Kavanagh v. Ireland (Communication No. 819/1998)
43. Cecilia Derksen v. The Netherlands (Communication No. 976/2001)
44. Edward Young v. Australia (Communication No. 941/2000)


45. Sandra Lovelace v. Canada (Communication No. 24/1977)
46. Ilmari Länsman et al. v. Finland (Communication No. 511/1992)

Public Participation

47. Peter Chiiko Bwalya v. Zambia (Communication No. 314/1988)
48. Wieslaw Kall v. Poland (Communication No. 552/1993)


49. Bernard Ominayak, Chief of the Lubicon Lake Band v. Canada (Communication No. 167/1984)
50. Marie-Hélène Gillot et al. v. France (Communication No. 932/2000)


International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Its Two Optional Protocols
Excerpts from the Rules of Procedure of the Human Rights Committee
Short Bibliography
Internet Resources
Index of Cases
Subject Index



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ISBN: 952-12-1801-0
Author: Compiled by Raija Hanski and Martin Scheinin
Published by: Institute for Human Rights, Åbo Akademi University
Year: 2007
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