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Newest entries in Findoc
2011-5-12: Odello, Marco (ed.) : Emerging areas of human rights in the 21st century
2011-5-12: Price, Margaret : Mad at school
2011-5-12: Schabas, William A. : An introduction to the International Criminal Court
2011-5-12: Ebobrah, Solomon (ed.) : Compendium of African Sub-regional human rights documents
2011-5-12: Gallagher, Anne T. : The international law of human trafficking
2011-5-11: Aikio-Puoskari, Ulla : The language rights of the indigenous Saami in Finland - under domesticand international law
2011-5-11: Barnhoorn, L.A.M.N. (managing editor) : Netherlands yearbook of international law
2011-5-10: Cassese, Antonio ... [et al.] : International criminal law
2011-5-10: Hennebel, Ludovic (ed.) : Genocide denials and the law
2011-5-9: Sherman, Daniel J. : Not here, noth there, not anywhere
2011-5-9: Foster, Caroline E. : Science and the precautionary principle in international courts andtribunals
2011-5-6: Schlösser, Jan : Mittelbare individuelle vernatwortlichkeit im Völkerstrafrecht
2011-5-6: Bates, Elizabeth Stubbins (ed.) : Terrorism and international law
2011-5-6: English, Richard : Terrorism
2011-5-6: Walker, Clive : Terrorism and the law
2011-5-6: Darcy, Shane (ed.) : Judicial creativity at the international criminal tribunals
2011-5-5: Shoraka, Kirsten : Human rights and minority rights in the European Union
2011-5-5: Mendes, Joana : Participation in EU rulemaking
2011-5-5: Dersso, Solomon (ed.) : Perspectives on the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples in Africa
2011-5-5: Boersma, Martine (ed.) : Corruption and human rights
2011-5-5: Waddington, Lisa (ed.) : European yearbook of disability law
2011-5-5: Dauses, Manfred A. : The protection of fundamental rights in the legal order of the EuropeanUnion
2011-5-5: Council of Europe. Third Milennium Publ. : The conscience of Europe
2011-5-4: Diederiks-Verschoor, I.H. : An introduction to space law
2011-5-4: Hoffmann, Stefan-Ludwig (ed.) : Human rights in the twentieth century
2011-5-4: Edwards, Alice (ed.) : Human security and non-citizens
2011-5-4: Foreign Ministry = Utrikesministeriet : Government report to Parliament on the human rights policy of Finland2009
2011-5-4: Ife, Jim : Human rights from below
2011-5-4: Osiatynski, Wiktor : Human rights and their limits
2011-5-3: Lachs, Manfred : The law of outer space
2011-5-3: Ruys, Tom : 'Armed attack' and article 51 of the UN charter
2011-5-3: Rothwell, Donald R. : The international law of the sea
2011-5-2: Ringelheim, Jules : Ethnic monitoring
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This Human Rights Libraries Search Tool  [HURLIST] gives you the possibility of searching in several human rights library databases. All of these databases apply the same standard formats for recording bibliographic information, but [as] the databases have been created with the help of various programmes, some problems may occur in retrieving comparable information.

The databases which are currently available on WWW are:

Danish Centre of Human Rights in Copenhagen, Denmark, using the SIFT programme,   Institute for Human Rights in Finland, Åbo/Turku (FINDOC), using the TRIP programme,  Norwegian Insitute of Human Rights in Oslo, Norway (HURDOC), using the SIFT and SIM Institute in Utrecht, the Netherlands, using the Lotus Notes programme and German Institute for Human Rights in Berlin, using LBS-Software OCLCPICA

The Norwegian and the Danish databases are temporarily out of order.

All of these databases use English index terms for subject description, from the HURIDOCS SUPPORTING DOCUMENT B LIST of INDEX TERMS In addition, each of the institutes may apply local index terms, from other thesauri and/or translations to the local language(s). In FINDOC, e.g. both Finnish and Swedish index terms are used, in addition to the English terms. In searching you can use the Boolean operators. The Boolean operator AND will search  for records containing both of the words it separates. The Boolean operator OR will search for records containing either of the words it separates. The Boolean operator NOT will search for records containing the query word preceding it without containing the word following it.

The HURDOC database includes only references to older, grey literature and journal articles. For references to books, periodicals and newer grey literature at the Norwegian Institute of Human Rights' library, consult Bibsys, the database for Norwegian academic libraries. The Bibsys code for the NIHR library is UJUR/IMR. Additional information about each database is available on the respective home pages.

Responsible for technical suppport for the search engine are Stefan Lostedt and Joakim Björklund, IT specialists at the Computing Center of Åbo Akademi University and Marcus Alanen, doctoral student at ÅAU The search is made with the PHP script programme within those databases, which the user wants. The search results from the different databases will be shown in a common window.

Should your institute wish its database(s) to be connected to this search tool, please contact the
Institute for Human Rights at Åbo Akademi University, Finland (

Only databases which adhere to the HURIDOCS standards and which are available free of charge on the WWW, may be connected.

Updated 2 of June 2005 by Harriet Nyback-Alanen, Institute for Human Rights, Åbo/Turku, Finland