Prof. Ronald Österbacka
Co-ordinator Christina Luojola
Dept. Physical Chemistry

Åbo Akademi University
Porthansgatan 3-5
FIN-20500 Åbo (Turku)

Phone: +358 2 215 4253
Fax: +358 2 233 0228

Laboratory of Physics
Åbo Akademi University

Professor Ronald Österbacka

The research of the Organic Electronics Group at the department of physics connected with the Graduate School covers electrical and optical studies on disordered organic semiconductors. The group is part of the National Center of Excellence for Functional Materials ( Especially disordered organic materials and p-conjugated polymers are promising candidates for novel electronic device applications such as field effect transistors, light emitting diodes, memories, etc. that can be printed on fibre or plastic based substrates. A central theme today is the development of photoelectric transport measurements, such as time-of-flight (TOF) and (photo-)CELIV (charge extraction in a linearly increasing voltage) specifically for disordered organic materials. A description of these methods, as well as the equipment, can be found on our home page. The research is carried out in cooperation with several national and international groups.

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