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ACEME10                                                                                        Third international conference on

Accelerated Carbonation for Environmental and Materials Engineering

Turku (Finland), 29 November - 1 December 2010


Organizing committee:

Ron Zevenhoven Åbo Akademi University (chairman)

Johan Fagerlund Åbo Akademi University

Sanni Eloneva Helsinki University of Technology

Olav Eklund University of Turku

Ursula Kääntee Finnsementti Oy

Sebastian Teir VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Previous ACEME conferences:

The next conference:

ACEME13 to be held in Leuven, Belgium, 10-12 April 2013

Conference overview


Accelerated carbonation is being investigated as a promising process to be applied to a number of minerals and materials of various origin and for different purposes.
The rapid increase in atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases responsible for global warming is currently forcing the international community to develop and apply efficient CO2 capture and storage technologies. Numerous alkaline materials have been proposed for use as sorbents to allow for safe and permanent CO2 sequestration as a result of application of accelerated carbonation.  Among these, Ca- and Mg-rich minerals including wollastonite, olivine, serpentine and talc, as well as a number of alkaline industrial residues including coal ash, pulverized fly ash, spent shale ash, fluidized bed combustion ash, blast furnace slag, stainless steel slag, de-inking ash, paper mill ash and different waste combustion ashes have been identified as potentially suitable for such purposes.
Accelerated carbonation of a number of the mentioned residues as well as cement-based materials has also been demonstrated as a viable way to improve the material's characteristics in terms of engineering properties and environmental behaviour.

Conference aims


The aim of this third edition of this conference series is to provide a forum for discussion of the latest advances in the field of theoretical and applied research on accelerated carbonation of various types of natural materials and industrial residues.  Assessing the conditions and limits for applicability of the accelerated carbonation process as a CO2 capture and storage technique at demonstration and full scale are a major focus of the conference. The effects of accelerated carbonation on the engineering and environmental properties of such materials are also a specific matter of concern.

Following the first and second editions which were held in London, UK, in June 2006, and in Rome, Italy, in October 2008, also this conference aims at promoting research and development activities on accelerated carbonation at an international level, favouring the share of knowledge on the title subject and critically discussing future development and implementation in the field.


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