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African Christian Identity

Construction of African Christian Identity as a Dialogue between the Local and the Global


The Project on a shoestring

This project aims at studying the local forms of religious identities and the particular sites where the blending of the global with the local religious practices becomes visible. Globalization necessarily poses the question about new identities. People seek to define new boundaries so as to create or salvage their religious identity. If globalization is not regarded as a simple homogenizing process, identity becomes an inevitable analytical tool in order to grasp how globalization reinforces the production of cultural and religious differences.








Mika Vähäkangas (Project Coordinator, Th.D, Professor) University of Lund

Päivi Hasu (Ph.D, researcher) University of Helsinki

Kim Groop (Th.D, University Lecturer) Åbo Akademi University

Mari Pöntinen (Th. D) University of Eastern Finland, Finnish Ev. Luth. Mission

Elina Hankela (Th. M, Ph.D-researcher) University of Helsinki



Academy of Finland

University of Helsinki (TUHTI)

Participating institutions


University of Helsinki faculty of theology

University of Eastern Finland school of theology

Åbo Akademi Univeristy faculty of theology


Poster for the

International Association for Mission Studies

Balaton Assembly in August 2008

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