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Our department is one of the five departments in Finland which educate and train psychologists, a regulated profession in our country. The study programme is very popular and only a fraction of the applicants can be taken in. The 5-year study programme towards the Master of Psychology exam comprises general studies, language studies, subject-related studies, advanced studies and practical training. The study language is Swedish, and the few foreign students we have represent other Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway). However, postgraduate studies in psychology, aiming at the doctoral degree, can be conducted in English. 

With regard to studies in English open to all international university students in Turku, two courses in psycholinguistics are offered every second academic year in collaboration with the Dept. Psychology,
University of Turku. The first course is Psychology of Language (4 ECTS). There are no entry requirements for this introductory level course. To be eligible for the second course, Bilingualism: Cognitive and Neural Aspects (4 ECTS), one must have passed the first course or provide a document on earlier introductory level studies in psycholinguistics.

Research projects at the Department of Psychology:

Aggression, human and animal
Neuropsychology, child and adult
Cognitive neuroscience
Functional brain imaging
Psychology of language and bilingualism
Crosscultural psychology
Alcohol research
Legal & forensic psychology 
Clinical psychology

Department of Psychology
FIN-20500, Åbo, Finland
tel: +358-2-2154406
fax: +358-2-2154833
Visiting adress: Biskopsgatan 3 (Arken) 

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