Nordic Wittgenstein Review

Instructions for Authors

As a rule, submitted papers should not exceed 8000 words. However, two or three longer papers will be published in each issue.

Deadline: December 31, 2011 (extended Nov. 28 2011). The expected release date for #1 is August 1, 2012.

The papers should be submitted through our online journal platform (available by December 5, 2011):

Submitted papers will go through a double blind review process. An additional open review process, designed to improve the quality of all accepted submissions will be applied for at least issues 1 and 2. See review details here.

Submitted papers should adhere to the Style Guide below.

Style Guide for Nordic Wittgenstein Review

Use double line space.

In-text references

Secondary literature bracketed: (Author YEAR: pagenumber), fx. (Hertzberg 1994: 22).

When the author is explicitly mentioned, the last name can be left out, fx. Hertzberg writes about the issue (1994: 22)...

References to Wittgenstein's works shall use the abbreviations introduced in the bibliography at (Pichler, Biggs, Szeltner 2011).

Wittgenstein Nachlass material is to be referred to by direct interlinking to Wittgenstein Source


Use double citation marks (“...”). When the citation exceeds 20 words, indented paragraph. Use single line space in indented citations.

Single citation marks (‘...’) are used for special terms or names.

List of references

A list of references is to be included at the end (Harvard style) .


The number of footnotes is to be kept to a minimum. Footnotes are not used for references.


Intermediate headlines are to be used. Headlines levels are two.

For further style advice, you may find help here: