Konferenser - Conferences

How to get there?

If you arrive at Turku Airport (TKU):

The local bus (no 1) leaves outside of the terminal and it will take you to the market square in about 20 minutes. A taxi ride to the centre costs about 20 euros.
The time tables can be found here.

If you arrive at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL):

There is a train connection from Helsinki Airport to Turku. The trip takes about 2h 15min and the ticket is 20 euros (or 10 euros if bought a week in advance). Be sure to select the route with a transfer in Pasila. Time tables and tickets can be acquired here.

There is also a direct bus connection from the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to Turku. The bus trip takes lasts about 2h and 50 minutes. In Turku, it passes the Cathedral where it would be convenient to get off. The bus timetables are found here. Search from "Helsinki-Vantaa airport" to "Turku bus station". Note that some of the departures are slow.

It may also be worthwhile to look for flights via Stockholm (instead of to/via Helsinki) as there are several flights a day on the Stockholm Turku route. This can sometimes be more convenient alternative.

Here is a map of Turku where the conference venue is marked.