Table of Contents




Tabula Gratulatoria


Nils Erik Enkvist

The Era of Uno Lindelöf in Finland’s English Philology                                     1


Martin Gill

‘Words that Speak Works’: Writing, Rhetoric and the
Origins of British Empiricism                                                                                 15


Ulla Connor

Contrastive Rhetoric: New Directions                                                                  33


Carolyn Matalene & Anna Mauranen

Are Writing Teachers Written by their Culture?                                                 59


Kaj Sjöholm

Incidental Learning of English by Swedish Learners in Finland                     77


Rolf Palmberg

Multiple Intelligences and EFL Coursebook Exercises                                      91


Päivi Pietilä

Speaking Skills in a Foreign Language:Reflections on the
Teaching of Conversational Skills                                                                     


Geoffrey Phillips

On Intuition and Practicalities in the Design of Course


Tuija Virtanen

The FSWICLE Writer                                                                                             121


Signe-Anita Lindgrén

How to Reveal a Spy - in a Real Letter                                                               131


G. M. Awbery

“Scandalous Welsh Words                                                                                   141


Paul Meara

The Mathematics of Vocabularies                                                                       151


I. S. P. Nation

How Many High Frequency Words are There in English?                              167


Kay Wikberg

Alive and Kicking – Metaphor Versus Idioms: A Comparison                        183


Bo Pettersson

On life is a journey as a Link between Analogy
and Narrative                                                                                                        


Anthony W. Johnson

Tennis in Early Modern British Poetry                                                               215


Sven-Johan Spånberg

Representations of Oscar Wilde in Recent Drama                                            247


Roger D. Sell

Waistlines: Bowling, Orwell, Blair                                                                      261


John Smeds

1984 – The End of Dystopia                                                                                 281


Pia Ahlbäck

The Poetics of Industrial Place: Towardan Environmental



Thirteen or Fourteen Things to Do When You have Retired                           307